The motto of the University of Liège, SCIENTIA OPTIMVM, was introduced by the Rector Pierre Wolper during the opening ceremony of the 2019 academic year.

It aims to be a concise formulation of the identity and of the objectives of the University.

In this Latin phrase, optimum translates as “the best” or “excellent” and scientia refers to a means: “through science” or more broadly “through knowledge”. The motto therefore translates into “excellence through science” or “the best through knowledge”.

The message it carries naturally applies

  • To our teaching, which should allow our students to reach the best of their abilities thanks to the knowledge that we help them master;
  • To our research, which aims to discover the knowledge that will allow us to move towards the best;
  • To our role towards society, which we want to improve by providing knowledge.

Integrity, humanity, freedom, audacity and responsibility

Five fundamental values go with this motto and guide how the University operates:

  • Integrity: in the management of an institution, is to guarantee that one acts in the interest of the organization, while never taking into account particular, partisan and personal interests, nor hidden or unspeakable influences.
  • Humanity: is the respect of all human beings in their diversity; it is the banishment of all discriminating, degrading or demeaning acts and words.
  • Freedom: is being able to express oneself without fear and never to be constrained by an arbitrary authority. Freedom always requires that it be used with integrity and humanity.
  • Audacity: is daring to think out of the box and not to limit oneself out of fear. It is the key to great progress, both in science and elsewhere.
  • Responsibility: is facing the consequences of one’s choices and actions, without seeking to offload them on others. It is the necessary companion of audacity.


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