JRC report on CRM recovery from mining waste & landfills

The EC’s Joint Research Centre has published a milestone report on the recovery of cricial raw materials (CRMs) from mining waste and landfills. SIM² KU Leuven & EURELCO coordinator Peter Tom Jones discusses the key conclusions of the report.

Ensuring the SLO concept is adaptive and resilient

“Ensuring that ‘Social License to Operate’ (SLO) is Adaptive and Resilient” was the topic of a recent workshop organized by EU MIREU (supported by NEMO, CROCODILE & TARANTULA). This article reflects upon the key lessons learned.

Green slag valorisation is now an industrial success story

On April 1-5, 2019, the Sixth International Slag Valorisation Symposium took place in Mechelen, Belgium. This Symposium aims at contributing towards near zero-waste processing and closing material loops in the metallurgical sector through creating applications for...

Are Chinese policies disrupting the REE supply chain?

Gone are the days of singe stream production, we now live in a world of supply chains. These supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and interwoven.  The rare earth (REE) supply chain is notoriously contentious and convoluted, and has been subject to many...


Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams


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