Meet our TARANTULA colleague: Michel BONNEMAISON

Doctor of Sciences, Michel Bonnemaison is the manager of a small company specializing in the search for secondary deposits of critical metals with the ambition of valuing them to minimize the environmental impact of metal extraction. Find out more about his work in this latest #H2020TARANTULA interview

Meet our TARANTULA colleague: Laura Borge del Rey (PNO)

Laura Borge del Rey works as a consultant at PNO Innovation in Belgium. Laura is delivering innovation services such as business plans or market analysis, and is engaged in several EU projects leading or contributing to the exploitation and dissemination activities. Find out more about her work in this latest interview.

Meet our TARANTULA colleague: Martina Orefice (KU Leuven)

Martina Orefice is one of the actresses of our short-movie and much more within the TARANTULA project. Enthusiast of the environmental case since the age of 10 thanks to a board game, she has been working hard and, although there’s always to learn, she is happy and satisfied to be an expert of critical raw materials.

Meet our TARANTULA colleague: Jeroen Spooren (VITO)

Jeroen Spooren obtained his PhD in the field of solid state chemistry in 2005. He currently holds the position of senior researcher at the unit “Sustainable Materials Management” within the team “Waste Recycling Technologies”. His main field of expertise is the...

Meet our TARANTULA colleague: Mark Foreman (Chalmers University)

Dr. Mark Foreman is an associate professor at Chalmers University in Sweden. He is very much interested in solvent extraction. Within the TARANTULA project, he aims to develop new solvent extraction processes that allow for an efficient recovery of niobium and...

Meet our TARANTULA colleague: María Tripiana Serrano (IDENER)

María Tripiana Serrano works as an R&D project manager in IDENER leading the chemical and industrial applications team. She is interested in topics related to resource efficiency, raw materials and environment as well as in the field of scientific modelling. What are...