Newsletters & Policy Briefs

On this page you will be able to read the newsletters and policy briefs of the TARANTULA project. This page will be updated regularly.

Below, the July 2019 newsletter of the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (TIC) is copied.

This edition of the Bulletin includes articles about:

• Maglev trains: very fast niobium
• The Ekeberg Prize: Shortlist 2019
• Charles Hatchett and the origin of columbium
• Is pure tantalum (Ta) radioactive?
• The Tarantula Project
• 60th General Assembly: Technical Abstracts
• An open letter on synthetic concentrates


Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams


This project has received funding from the European Union's EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No 821159